Whether you’ve just bought a new system or reinstalled Windows, the very first task is to install essential Windows apps & computer software for your ease. Paid-for security software suites, such as Norton Security Deluxe and McAfee Antivirus Plus , often come with extra features such as parental controls and tools for maintenance, back-up and recovery that can help you restore your computer in the event of a disaster. You’ll find an assortment of software with the latest features and benefits to save you time and money. Tablet Mode, of course, gets rid of the desktop and lets the Start Menu take center stage.

HandBrake – High performance video encoding and conversion tools with a nice GUI. There have been many changes in Windows 10, especially since the first anniversary update last August, officially called version 1607. App Migration: You can save your C drive space by moving installed programs or applications to other partitions or even an external storage device without reinstallation. There is a simple way to rotate your screen on Windows 10. You can do this by pressing Ctrl + Alt + D + (arrow button).

In the menu that appears, deselecting Show Task View” eliminates the Task View (virtual desktop) icon, while selecting Search > Disabled removes Cortana’s Ask me anything” box. The Windows key to bring it as always and you can then use the search feature and the arrow keys to navigate it without a mouse. From here, you can select the option Go to the desktop” for loading it before launching it on the Start screen.

To bypass the Start screen on bootup, go into the desktop, right-click an open area of the taskbar, and select Properties to display the Taskbar and Navigation Properties dialog box. You can go through the list of PCs that can use the Windows Hello. With our Cloud solution, you’ll receive product updates automatically during off hours, ensuring you’ll always have the latest features and enhancements. Most professional video editors (think Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas) tend to be pricey for an average user who might only utilize them few times a year.

Windows 10 finally lets you add multiple virtual desktops. Using a pin makes it easier to sign in to Windows, apps, and services. Click the ‘More Details’ button and under the ‘Processes’ tab look for an entry named ‘Windows Explorer’. The new Start menu doesn’t bring back Control Panel to the menu list, but you’ve still got the power user menu from Windows 8. Just right-click on the Start icon or use the Win + X keyboard shortcut Source to bring it up.

Click on the Choose Which Folders Appear on Start Menu link at the bottom of all the toggles. If so, check out PDFtk , a toolkit that lets you merge, split, and repair PDF files. Zynewave now offers a free version of its software called Podium Free. Included in the Pro version are various useful tools that allow you to create a bootable USB or CD drive, check backups for errors, open image files, and merge multiple image files into one.

Instead of having to fiddle through the desktop’s display options to orient the screen to your liking, you can do so with the help of your keyboard. The first step is to go onto the Windows website and download the Window’s 10 ISO file. This can be set up by going to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options > Picture password. Open-source Audacity can record and edit audio files on more tracks than you can imagine. Swift boot times and speedy operations are among the greatest joys of unboxing and firing up a brand-new PC. After all, we want our PCs to run at peak performance, regardless of whether we have a budget laptop or a beast gaming desktop Inevitably, however, that out-of-the-box performance fades away.

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